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Hong Kong Buses

In Hong Kong, there are a total of 5 privately owned franchised bus companies. and each operates in its own specified territories across the city while some bus routes are operated in cooperation. Together, the fleet consists of over 5,000 double deckers and a few hundreds single decker serving over 700 routes (double deckers are legacy that the British colonization left to HK but still thrives as one of the city's main mass transport). By law, franchised buses must be removed from service when entering 18 years of age, but a few, such as Citybus's, have been chosen to relocate and continue their service in its non-franchised residential routes.  Furthermore, there are also some lucky ones who have repatriated and continued operating in different purposes after their retirements in HK (please check out the UK bus gallery for example). 

The following galleries partially focus on my favorite "hot dog" buses, which literally means buses with no air-conditioning. They were all withdrawn from service in 2012, though a few are in preservation by Kowloon Motor Bus (KMB). Another emphasis is step entrance (non-low floor) ac buses, such as Volvo Olympians and Dennis Dragons, that were all retired by the end of 2017 due to new emission control laws.

New photos added on Oct 17, 2018

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