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About the Photographer

Born and raised in urban Hong Kong, fate brought me to the U.S. during my late teenage years and opened up a new horizon for me where I had a chance to meet lovely people and visit the majestic National Parks in the Southwest. Now making a living as a commercial photographer in my hometown, I make the most of my precious holidays traveling around our beautiful but fickle planet. Traveling is like a self-discovery journey. By knowing oneself better and becoming aware of what is important, happiness and self-confidence seem one step closer.

Having witnessed the rapid developments occurring in Hong Kong and China for years, I believe the human race is now tied within our own creation. Materialism is thus inevitable, and nature has become our prey for our thirst of insatiable desires. When everything is polluted one day, we cannot eat money.

Influenced by my compassionate Mother who is being a vegetarian for more than 20 years, the health (and spiritual) benefits gained justify my devotion to becoming one as well. According to Worldwatch Institute (2016), global livestock and its byproduct contribute 51% of world's greenhouse gases emission. By going green or even eating less meat will significantly help our mother earth and bring a better place for our next generation to live rather than survive. It is good karma.

My formal training includes a Bachelor's Degree of Art majoring in Fine Art Photography from University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Capturing 

Sherman Sham

Contact: sherhk@hotmail.com


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